Farewell Willow Goose

It took two days for the inevitable to happen.  Two days for Willow Goose to die. I knew her death was inevitable. I knew that all the veterinary advice in the world, injections and well wishes weren’t going to work. Her time was up. But that didn’t stop me wishing to God I was wrong. … Continue reading

Farewell Sweet Summer

It’s the last week of August. The younger children are back to school and the rain hasn’t stopped falling.  In fact, it has pretty much been raining non stop since last Sunday morning. Now I usually can’t remember what the weather was like yesterday, never mind last Sunday morning, but there’s a reason. You see, … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day

I’ve had one of those weeks.  You know how it goes – respiratory flu, gastric flu; I had heard that there was a terrible virus doing the rounds, now I know for sure there is! I’m rarely ill and I confess that I’m not really a great patient.  Life is for living and it’s a sure … Continue reading