Autumn Raspberries

Think what you may, but autumn fruiting raspberries fill me with happiness.  Truly it doesn’t take much to make me  happy I know! But as the  nights close in and temperatures drop, those little jewels burst into splendour and provide welcome colour in the garden, not to mention their immense flavour.  I will be picking … Continue reading

Lemon Posset & Summer Fruits

I’m keeping a good stock of lemons and limes in the kitchen at the moment. With all this warm weather we always have a couple of jugs of infused water chilling in the fridge – fresh mint from the garden, cucumber, rhubarb & honey cordial ice cubes, lime, melon, lemon, there’s no shortage of goodies … Continue reading

Raspberry Vodka Chocolate Bites

I was preparing for a “Food from an Irish Garden” demonstration recently.  Eighty people eager to hear how I grow, rear and cook my food.  I don’t travel lightly for my demonstrations so fortunately my Ecar which is arriving next week has a decent size boot.  I like to bring a bit of everything with … Continue reading

Raspberries – honestly!

It may be the middle of November, but I am still collecting the most succulent raspberries in the veg garden.   Today’s harvest was mostly used in a Chocolate Truffle Gateau (I’ll be posting the recipe soon). I love the all the yellow and orange colours in the garden at this time of year, but … Continue reading