Christmas Canapés

This year I have been to several cookery courses in the demo kitchen of  Hey Pesto! in Tullamore.  Here, proprietor Yvonne Carty, runs a boutique catering company specialising in canapes, so who better to ask for some Christmas Canapé recipes? Over to you Yvonne….. I make a lot of canapés – both for business and … Continue reading

Farewell Sweet Summer

It’s the last week of August. The younger children are back to school and the rain hasn’t stopped falling.  In fact, it has pretty much been raining non stop since last Sunday morning. Now I usually can’t remember what the weather was like yesterday, never mind last Sunday morning, but there’s a reason. You see, … Continue reading

Learn to Cook

As much as I like growing food, I love cooking it even more.  I get so much pleasure from taking a couple of ingredients from the garden and transforming them into something delicious for my family to eat.  Now I’m the first to admit that I’m, at best, a good home cook.  My experience lies … Continue reading