The Honesty Box Is Back

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Even earlier than last year, but we have had so many requests for our honey from the garden that we are setting up our little Surplus Stall at the gate today.  It’s the perfect time to up your honey intake before the old Spring allergies kick in. The … Continue reading

Chickens in Schools

You may recall back in June I announced my collaboration with the South East branch of Slow Food Ireland when we launched a competition for national schools in the SouthEast, with the winners receiving a chicken coop, chickens and all the bits and bobs required to get them set up as poultry keepers.  Well since then the … Continue reading

Keeping Chickens In Primary Schools??

I am excited and delighted to be working with the SouthEast branch of Slow Food Ireland (Four Rivers Convivium)  on a project that will see four schools in the South-East become homes to hens in September.   Here’s the low down from the Slow Food website.. “Hens for Schools is an initiative by the Slow Food Four Rivers … Continue reading

Spring is in the air

So the weather is not great, but there are moments each day when you can definitely feel that Spring is in the air.   A burst of sunshine from behind the clouds, sweet melodies from the birds and the biggest giveaway of all –  the chickens. They are laying like there’s no tomorrow.  You’ll hear … Continue reading

Keeping Chickens – the basics

Have you been thinking about keeping chickens?  With January coming to a close, why not start planning now and be ready to start collecting fresh eggs from your garden later this Spring?  If you can spare ten minutes each morning and evening, and an hour at the weekend, that’s all that’s required timewise to get … Continue reading


I regularly get emails in the autumn from people who are still new to poultry keeping and are really concerned about the fact that their chickens are losing all their feathers and appear totally miserable.  Chances are their chickens are moulting (one of the many topics covered at my Keeping Chickens class).  If you are … Continue reading