I’m Moving On – But You Can Come Too…

I’m moving on – and you can come too.. I wrote my first blogpost in May 2010.  Gosh I remember it well. Little did I know that when I hit the ‘publish’ button it would be the start of an incredible journey for me – and I’m not nearly finished let me add.  Six months … Continue reading

My Working Week..

Instead of doing a #FionaGetsFit for my Friday evening blogpost, I’ve decided to fill you in on the working week of a blogger/author/broadcaster.  I’m prompted to do this in advance of an event I am speaking at next week.  “Follow The Recipe”, an event organised by Lorna Sixsmith and Amanda Webb of We Teach Social, … Continue reading

“Not Much On the Aul Blog”

Who better than an Irish Mammy to keep you in line?  I say this with first hand experience, for at the end of a lovely text from my mum yesterday were those exact words “not  much on the aul blog”.  Oh God!  I should be blogging more! Now I feel the need to make excuses … Continue reading

A Bloggers Confession

It’s been twelve days since my last blog post.  It feels like ages ago. Blogging affords me the opportunity to reflect on my week and I miss it if I don’t blog regularly.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog – I have lots of posts in my drafts but none of them felt worthy of an … Continue reading

Pride Of Ireland Awards – I’ve Won!!

Some weeks ago I got an email from a gentleman on behalf of the Pride of Ireland awards panel.  Committed to promoting the best of the best in Ireland, these awards acknowledge and reward those whom they (a secret panel of judges) think represent the Best of Ireland  – and to the best of my … Continue reading

Saving Money – the old fashioned way

I came across this idea surfing the great big interweb recently.  Saving money in a jar – nothing new there I hear you say, but there’s a difference…. The amount of money I put in each week matches the week number that we are on in the year.  For example, I will start next week … Continue reading

A New Year Gift of a Corneal Ulcer

I woke up on New Years Eve with my right eye the size of a golf ball.  No reason.  I didn’t have a cold or the ‘flu.  I wasn’t feeling under the weather, in fact I had the most relaxing  Christmas ever, but there I was on New Years Eve looking like an extra from … Continue reading

Would you like to subscribe to my blog?

The day after my book launch I decided to create a new website.  Yes, I know, not even a lie-in! Hunterslodgeliving had definitely gone very well for me since I created it in May 2010 (the words “book launch” being a good indicator), but I felt that it was time for a change – and … Continue reading