Honey For Sale

Once again we have lots of honey this year so the Surplus Stall is back in action for the foreseeable.  Miss Ruth has taken charge this time so each morning she pops down to the gate and fills the shelves with jars of pure, raw honey from the bees in our garden.   As usual, the … Continue reading

The Honesty Box Is Back

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Even earlier than last year, but we have had so many requests for our honey from the garden that we are setting up our little Surplus Stall at the gate today.  It’s the perfect time to up your honey intake before the old Spring allergies kick in. The … Continue reading

Chickens in Schools

You may recall back in June I announced my collaboration with the South East branch of Slow Food Ireland when we launched a competition for national schools in the SouthEast, with the winners receiving a chicken coop, chickens and all the bits and bobs required to get them set up as poultry keepers.  Well since then the … Continue reading

Image.ie Blog Awards

I am  happy, excited and delighted to announce that I have just been shortlisted in the Lifestyle Category of the Image.ie 2014 Blog Awards. I know, I know – I ‘ve been asking you to vote for me in the Irish Blog Awards (and a great job you’re doing too!), but if you had a … Continue reading

Tea Light Holders

I love to collect jars. If I buy something in a nice jar, I keep the jar.  And I find plenty of uses for them  – homemade jams and chutneys, herb infused oils, sloe gin, raspberry vodka, sugar scrubs, homemade toffee – you get the picture.  Those recycled jars are little gems.  At this time … Continue reading


Try to get to your local garden centre this week and pick up a pack of garlic  bulbs (a pack of three should cost in the region of €2-€3). Now is the perfect time to get planting your garlic cloves for a tasty harvest next summer.   Don’t worry about the fact that the temperatures … Continue reading

The Aftermath

My first book Food From An Irish Garden was launched recently. While I was writing it I occasionally suffered the anguish I would imagine most writers experience.  What if everyone hated it?  Would I be outed as a fraud?  After all I’m not a horticulturist, or a chef or indeed a photographer.  My moments of … Continue reading