Not what you’d expect in a back garden, two pigs, but here at Hunters Lodge for six months of the year, we have two pigs in residence.  IMG_1061

When I started on my self-sufficient journey, I would often fantasize about keeping pigs.  But what did I know about pigs? Zilch!  Not one to be deterred, I did lots of research, made lots of phone calls and eventually I got my pig herd licence and offically became a pig farmer.

Nowadays the freezer is full of the finest pork and  bacon – you can’t  beat it.

Our pigs live the life here – they are showered with love, fed delicious fruit and veg and while they don’t have an acre to forage in, they are a million times better off than factory reared animals.  The day I bring them to the abattoir is a terrible terrible day – but that’s the price I pay for feeding my family with the highest quality meat from the garden.  It certainly would be easier to pop into the supermarket and not give a thought about where the meat has come from.  No, it might be difficult, but it’s the right thing to do..


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