My garden

“A work in progress”  – that’s the best way to describe my garden.  There’s always work to be done, jobs to be finished BUT there’s always food to be found too.


From my kitchen window I can see my chickens, ducks and pet geese foraging in the garden.  Our Tomato House is a quick stride from the back door.

DSCF8363  Here, I have access to herbs, chillies, salad  leaves and tomatoes throughout the year.

Lovely lettuce

I also have  a stash of  herbs  growing in  recycled wellies on my welly wall.

New potatoes (first earlies) are grown in potato bags and recycled coal sacks beside the Tomato House.

And then there’s the veg garden..

Garlic, onions, leeks, carrots, peas, broccoli, broad beans, tomatoes and cucumbers are staples.  Here our maincrop potatoes are grown.

IMG_7710 Soft fruits can be found in abundance here too as well  as an ample supply of rhubarb.

Then there’s the apple,  pear and plum trees.



Past the veg garden you’ll find the apiary, always a hive of activity (sorry!!)






When the weather is fine we cook and eat outside as much as possible.

So that’s my garden…



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