In my kitchen

I love my kitchen.  It’s nothing special really.  Please don’t imagine a big country kitchen with a welcoming aga or you’ll be sorely diappointed.  Nor is it uber-trendy with all sorts of modern gadgets.  It’s just a regular kitchen with plenty of space for me to make an almighty mess and feed the six of us with  my latest creations.


It’s here that I bake bread, shell peas, cook with the kids and make all sorts of jams, chutneys, relishes and butter.  Here I am happiest.

When we all gather round the table to enjoy our food, a cacophony of voices all trying to be heard at the one time, there is nothing more important in the entire world – and what could be nicer?

It’s here that our friends sit down and become my “victims” for the night – whether it’s over-feeding them with seven courses or making them cook their own lobsters, the kitchen is sure to be filled with laughter.

And mayhem.

Always mayhem, and if I manage to keep the mucky boots off the floor, the dog is sure to sort that one out with her messy paws!  And occasionally the chickens find their way in for a little snoop.  No, it’s never quiet in my kitchen.


It’s possibly my favourite room in the house…

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