“Food from an Irish Garden” reviews

Photo 65_Fiona presenting veg

“To many, having “the good life” appears but a dream.  Fiona is inspirational in bringing this dream to reality with her warm, chatty style and can-do approach.  This book offers sound advice, great tips and a wealth of encouragement for anyone embarking on the journey of self-sufficiency”.

 Catherine Fulvio, Ballyknocken Cookery School

“A delight to read, with something of interest on every page.  Only Fiona could write such a wonderful book”

  Paddy Daly, Head Gardener, Mount Juliet

“New Year, New You – why not make 2014 be the year you become more self-sufficient, healthy and enjoy a simpler life? Written by blogger, broadcaster and all-round inspiration, Fiona Dillon, Food from an Irish Garden is the story of how a busy, house-work- phobic city dweller moved from Ballsbridge to Ballintrane, Co. Carlow and went back to basics in style!

According to Fiona ‘no experience is required to recreate our back-to-basics life’, and her easy step-by-step guide is as relevant for the biggest plot of land as it is for the smallest of window boxes. This gorgeous book could intimidate – given that the author collects eggs dails (from her chickens, quails, geese and ducks), tends her fruit and vegetable gardens, gathers honey from her bee hive, rears pigs, bakes bread, and makers her own butter and jam and even brews her own gins, vodkas and cider. But because the tone is warm and the advice is practical, and especially because the results are so spectacular, this is a book that is far more likely to inspire. “Like everything in life, take it one step at a time and try to enjoy the process”. We’re taking Fiona’s advice and this book is on our Christmas list this year”.

 Glenisk 2013 Cookbook Guide

“……..They are all beautiful cookbooks with stunning imagery and diverse recipes but if I had to pick out one that would make it to my stocking it would have to be Food from an Irish Garden because Fiona Dillon is who I want to be when I grow up and get a house of my own! I love her lifestyle and even attended one of her classes a while back…..”

The Purple Page Food Blog

“From Ballsbridge businesswoman to self-sufficiency guru, Fiona Dillon created a wonderful new life for herself and her family by simply looking anew at the place where she lived.  This beautiful book shows just how easy it can be to embrace the good life.  Living off the land – no matter how little you have – has never looked so enticing”

Helen Carroll, Journalist & Presenter on Ear to the Ground

“This book is a beautiful back-to-basics, no-nonsense guide to using the garden.  After reading it, I want to pull on my wellies, throw on an apron and get busy planting!”.

Mairead Farrell, Presenter, Todayfm 

“Who hasn’t dreamed of swapping the city office for a life in the country? In 2009, Fiona Dillon did just that and shows you how you can too. Fiona said that this is the book she wishes she’d had when she started her journey towards self-sufficiency. Part how-to, part cookbook, it covers everything from keeping poultry and pigs and a bit about beekeeping to maintaining a kitchen garden, then on to recipes for what to do with the things you grow and even a chapter about foraging, all illustrated with Fiona’s own photos of the good life at Hunter’s Lodge. If you don’t already live in the country, this book will have you dreaming that you did.

Recipes to try: Traditional Irish soda bread; baked eggs; tea loaf; sweet and sour cucumber pickle; raspberry gin”

Kristin Jensen co-founder of the Irish Food Bloggers Association

Sunday Times

So lovely of Katy McGuinness to feature my book in her Sunday Times column…

“I found it highly entertaining and effective, accessible and inspiring, all wrapped up in an enormous enthusiasm with a touch of pink! (I could be describing it’s author)”

Liz Browne, Certified organic horticulturalist 

“……and it is a gentle but practical primer for anyone contemplating such a move (and who may as well watch a few episodes of The Good Life while they’re at it).

Aoife Cox, The Daily Spud

“………..Fiona always looks as if she’d be more at home in a pair of fabulous heels than down-at-home wellies but, it hast to be said, she works those wellies so well……”

Caroline Hennessy,journalist

2014-02-20 09.23.43

Fiona Dillon is the first writer/broadcaster to receive the Pride of Ireland Award

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