Crafty gifts

Getting back to basics allows you to look at so many  things differently.  When it comes to gifts, the days of running to the shops for chocolates, wine and the likes are long gone.  Hunters Lodge (2)

The more time I spend at home, the more gifts that originate here.  The children are really getting in on the act now too.

From the garden there’s always an extra pot of herbs, a bunch of rhubarb or a posy of flowers to share with friends or family.

Hunters Lodge (1)  From the kitchen there’s so  much to choose from –  whether it’s freshly baked  bread or sticky toffees, it’s so  easy to make a gift that will be  much appreciated.

A jar of honey, a jar of sweets,  rosehip gin and homemade  body scrubs are some of the  gifts that are wrapped up prettily and given to loved ones.


And speaking of wrapping, watch out for my posts on home-made wrapping paper.  You’ll not only save money, but hopefully enjoy the creative process of making your own signature wrapping paper.

It’s all so simple – and very economical…


One thought on “Crafty gifts

  1. My favourite thing about your crafty gifts Fiona is when you bring me a jar of your wonderful honey! I will be looking out for the homemade wrapping paper…..Love the idea of that. Deex

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