Organic Garlic Spray for aphids

With the evenings stretching and the temperatures rising, here’s a handy recipe to see you through the Summer in the garden.  This garlic spray recipe is from my book “Food From An Irish Garden” and it will stand you in good stead in the months to come.. Just because I try not to use chemicals and … Continue reading

“Considered” by Helen James for Dunnes Stores

Recently I have had a lot of  email queries about homemade gifts -in particular the packaging.  Being the Queen of recycling I have no end of suggestions for those used jars, tins and cartons.  Over the coming months, I will have lots of  blog posts that will focus solely on homemade gifts and wrapping and no doubt you’ll see … Continue reading

Raspberry Vodka Chocolate Bites

I was preparing for a “Food from an Irish Garden” demonstration recently.  Eighty people eager to hear how I grow, rear and cook my food.  I don’t travel lightly for my demonstrations so fortunately my Ecar which is arriving next week has a decent size boot.  I like to bring a bit of everything with … Continue reading

A Jarring Issue..

How us smallholders love our jars – big, small, tall or wide they have a myriad of uses.  There’s no doubt that they are the perfect option when it comes to storing the first delicious jams of the year, not to mention how we rely on them for all our pickles and chutneys. And what … Continue reading