I’m Moving On – But You Can Come Too…

I’m moving on – and you can come too..

I wrote my first blogpost in May 2010.  Gosh I remember it well. Little did I know that when I hit the ‘publish’ button it would be the start of an incredible journey for me – and I’m not nearly finished let me add.  Six months after that blogpost I had my first feature in a national newspaper.  One year later I was approached to write in Irish Country magazine (now Ireland’s number 1 women’s  magazine). Then I started writing for Home Farmer in the UK which was an absolute dream come true for me. Three years after that first blog post, my first book (Food From An Irish Garden, 2013) was published.  Throughout the years my blog has been a Finalist in so many Blog Awards I’ve lost count.  I’ve loved every second.  My broadcasting career started in 2012 and I have either presented or have been interviewed on almost every radio station.  We’ve had camera crews come and go and they’ve been a joy to work with.  I’m still writing for Irish Country magazine, I love being the Food Correspondent for KCLR96fm and the guys at TheTaste.ie are like my second family, in fact, only yesterday #TeamTaste won a Gourmand Award for Best Online Food Magazine.  Eggs (21)

I guess my life started to change direction this time last year when I launched Freddy Buttons with his own (ahem, award-winning) garden at Bloom 2015.  My, what memories I have.  That first blogpost back in 2010 might have changed my life, but it pales in comparison to the arrival of Freddy Buttons. My boy. My brand.Freddy and Juno

I have gone from broke to blog to book to brand.  I talk about my journey at our DreamIt, DoIt events and it always serves as a good reminder to be grateful for every minute of every day.

It has  been one hell of a ride which has led to the establishment of my company Tumbledown Media Ltd in January this year.

2015 was a whirlwind.

Writing 6 children’s books.

Publishing them.

Having the unwavering support of a company like Glenisk who took an almighty chance on a mad mother who came to them with the notion that she wanted to teach children about food (in a fun way – there’s no boring sensible stuff in my head!). Watching them take a risk on a crazy garden in Bloom and then knowing it was all worth while when the President himself broke away from his convoy with his wife to come visit Freddy Buttons and his garden.  For me, this was probably ‘the moment’ of all moments. Straight up I could have burst with pride (all I can remember is telling Glenisk MD, Vincent Cleary that I was actually stuck for words for the first time in my life).

After Bloom came Enterprise Ireland who, like Glenisk, saw such potential in Freddy Buttons.  For the past eight months I have been holed up doing sensible things like writing business plans and negotiating deals for my brand and learning – in ways it’s been like returning to school.  But the sensible stuff is done thankfully and now I can let  my creativity loose once again on Freddy Buttons with an upgraded website, a Freddy Buttons YouTube channel (June 2016) and the first Freddy Buttons app (launching at the Ploughing Championships 2016).  And Gossipy Gloria is finally going to get her time to shine!

While all that is going on dear friends, I won’t have time for this little blog.  But never fear – I’m not far away and you can come on this wonderful crazy chaotic journey with me if you like.  Here’s how.

Firstly you can subscribe to the Freddy Buttons website and keep updated with our newsletter which will have lots of cool recipes and competitions.

You can pop over and check out the Tumbledown Media website for more information on the Freddy Buttons brand and the latest updates for the ‘DreamIt, DoIt’ series of events.

Keep in touch with your phone


@FionaDillonHL (my personal account)


@Freddy_Buttons – every Friday we have a #FreddyButtonsFriday and give away a book to one of our followers


Fiona Dillon – Official

Freddy Buttons

Instagram – find me at @FionaDillon1 or for Freddy Buttons news follow @Freddy_Buttons


Snapchat – come find me by typing in HuntersLodge.  Here’s where I am mostly.  Come to restaurant reviews and wine tastings with me, join me collecting eggs at Hunters Lodge and chatting to Mahatma Gander – you would be most welcome.

Thank you dear readers for being part of my blogging journey.  I’m not going away, just moving to different platforms and I hope you will join me too.

Le grá


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving On – But You Can Come Too…

  1. you are an inspiration, and so good all turned out good for you and yours. Good luck in the future

  2. Best of luck in your future endevours…Fiona…I will still follow you where ever I can. I’ll never forget a competition i won about minions for my grandaughter when I did not even know what minions where, but she was so delighted. Onwards and upwards xx

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