Honey For Sale

Yes, the surplus stall at Hunters Lodge is back in action!  Ruth will be up bright and early in the morning (well, maybe not so early) to set up our little stall at the gate again.  IMG_5675We will have jars of honey from our own bees, deliciously fresh rhubarb and eggs from the garden when I find where the little bandits are laying them!

fionadillon (18)  As always, we will add to the stall as the season progresses.  I know the weather is a bit insane at the moment but I like to acknowledge that the summer is on the way and we do this at Hunters Lodge with our little surplus stall. Eggs (12) Of course the Honesty Box will be back in action just like past years and initially will take ‘newbie’ visitors to the stall by surprise, but hey, put a little trust in humanity and good things happen.

Back soon



  • Find the Hunters Lodge surplus stall off the Wexford Road on the L7147
  • Produce each day really depends on bees, chickens and the earth
  • To book Fiona Dillon for your event, phone Lorna on 059 9175257
  • To purchase the Freddy Buttons books click HERE




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