I’m Dreaming It & Doing It

I have been missing in action on this little old blog – not because I’m too lazy to write but because I’ve been too busy!  Snuggle up there in your chair and I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.  As I write, I’m snuggled up myself in my bed dosing myself with antibiotics, steroids and inhaler in an effort to get rid of a horrible sinus/ear/bronchial nightmare.


Got lots of snapchat love – find me at    Hunters Lodge

Could be worse right?  Anyway, where was I…

You’ll see from my last post that the first #DreamItDoIt of 2016 went really well and Nicola and I have been very busy working on the next couple of events.  To help us, the lovely Linda Ahern has joined us as our #DIDI events manager which will give you an idea of how crazy busy we are.  Our next event is on March 12th and Linda has everything under control with a super line up of speakers, a delicious brunch and delightful gift bags.20160226070104.jpgWe are now delighted to announce our speakers for our very first Cork event on Sunday April 17th – broadcaster Deirdre O’Shaughnessy (96FM), Katie Higgins (My Curvy Closet) and make up artist Dawn Ryan-Fahey.20160226063520 Tom and Jeeny from My Nutrition Ireland, will be joining us for both events and I just love their take on “healthy sexy food”. Tickets from €30, not bad for a day out!  So that’s my #DIDI  news – I really hope to see you at one of the events.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m still out and about reviewing for The Taste and I’m going to pop up one of my latest reviews here over the weekend. (I have more food news but I can’t say right now, so watch this space). IMG_4851

My beloved Irish Country Magazine is now Ireland’s No.1 glossy magazine and is available monthly.  Check out the latest edition to see how you can amuse the kids for hours over Easter painting eggs..

And then there’s Freddy Buttons.  My darling, darling Freddy.  Well, this week I have finalised the logo for my media company that looks after Freddy and I’ll introduce you all to my new Tumbledown Media website shortly when it’s up and running.  I’m working on the narration for the Freddy Buttons app at the moment and thrilled to be launching World Book Week next Tuesday in Dubrays, Kilkenny – maybe I’ll see you there? Freddy and JunoSo there’s Freddy Buttons, DreamItDoIt, restaurant reviews, KCLR96fm, my husband, four children, two dogs, three pet geese, hives of bees, not enough chickens and a garden to fill with food for the Summer.  Yes, I’m a bit busy..

Back soon!

Fiona x


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