Sunday Lunch – a family tradition

I like a bit of tradition me.  I believe that creating memories for my children just like my parents and grandparents did for me, is really very important.  Regular readers will know from this past year that my love of afternoon tea stemmed from a tradition of tea and cream cakes with my grandmother Stella.  Afternoon tea has become quite the trend in Ireland over the past year (for which I take my share of the responsibility) and I have had a ball reviewing so many afternoon delights.  So what’s my plan for 2016?  Well, of course I will still continue to love my afternoon tea, but another thought occurred to me recently.

Sunday Lunch.Roast Beef

Growing up, pretty much every Sunday revolved around family lunch, except during the summer when we made piles of egg and tomato sandwiches, bought a large bottle of Coke, packets of Tayto, fruit and biscuits and piled into the car to picnic and swim the day away on the golden strands of Bearna in Co Galway – blissful. I’m sure we had lots of other goodies, but I’ll never forget the taste of those egg and tomato sandwiches.  Perfect. But I digress….so back to the sunday lunch.Beef

Roast beef, roast potatoes, delicious gravy and the all important apple tart that was popped into the bottom of the oven while the beef sizzled above it.  That’s how it was in my house.  To this day when I recreate my grandmother Stellla’s roast pork and gravy, I am taken back to her dining room in south Co Dublin on a Sunday afternoon.  These memories are so precious.  I’m delighted to report lots of oohs and aahs at my most recent sunday lunch here at Hunters Lodge so here’s hoping my children will one day pass on this simple deliciousness to their children.  It’s nothing fancy, all you need is good old top quality Irish ingredients and lots of loved ones to eat them with. roast potatoes

During 2015 I spoke to lots of chefs who continue to get right back to basics, and offering their diners a good old sunday roast is on their agenda.  I think it will catch on.  Do you?  I also think I am going to have a lot of fun finding out during 2016..

Happy New Year folks!


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