Snapchat all the way…

It’s been one of those weeks where, as they say, “Ive been meetin meself comin backwards”. I did snapchat my way through this week though.  Snapchat, if you don’t know, is an app downloadable on smart phones and it’s my current favourite in my social media toolkit.  Basically I can record little ten second snaps of my day and upload them directly to snapchat.  There they’ll stay for 24hours before they disappear into the ether.  It’s a lovely way to give my followers a birds eye view of what I’m doing.

For example, on Monday here at Hunters Lodge we had the photoshoot for the Christmas edition of Irish Country magazine.  My followers on snapchat got a sneak peak of behind the scenes of the shoot.12095270_1507084139590241_3186023873387059342_o

On Tuesday I was in Cork doing book readings in libraries.  My snapchat followers came with me and had a birds eye view of where I was.

Wednesday was a day of meetings for me (my followers have seen my Freddy Buttons HQ) but of course I found time to post and answer a few snaps.

On Thursday I had the huge pleasure of enjoying lunch in the new Samsung kitchen at L’Ecrivain.  It’s not every day that you can share with your followers, the joy of watching a Michelin star chef cook for you. First hand, snapchatters got to see the stunning food served by Derry Clarke.  Fabulous! In the afternoon I visited a property run by the Irish Landmark Trust – an amazing spot on Fitzwilliam Lane, and again, I shared it with my followers.  The evening was spent in the RDS Concert Hotel at the web awards hosted by Rick O’Shea – again, my snapchat buddies came with me.IMG_3054This morning, I had great pleasure in snapchatting the super breakfast table at Ariel House.IMG_3067 Later for lunch, I shared my lunch experience at Farmhill in Goatstown – the latest eatery to hit the Dublin scene and owned by some friends of mine. IMG_3070I love being able to share my daily life experiences with friends, family, fans and followers.  Nowadays, it’s getting easier and easier to do this.  Writing blogposts takes time – snapchat is instantaneous and the best thing about it is all the messages I have received from people telling me that they feel like I’m talking directly to them when I snapchat.  This makes me happy.

I’m off to Glenlo Abbey on Sunday afternoon to review dinner, and yes, I’ll be snapchatting if you want to tag along.

So now you’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Snapchat(I know, I know).

If you download snapchat, be sure to look me up – my username is hunterslodge so be sure to find me.  It’s great fun!

And in other news, our three speakers for Dream It & Do It on November 14th have been confirmed so I’ll be back to announce them shortly.

Back soon


Dream It & Do It on Nov 7th is SOLD OUT. Some tickets remaining for Nov 14th. Buy them HERE

* Buy the full set of Freddy Buttons books (signed) over on

* Read Fiona’s feature on Sloe Gin in the new edition of Irish Country Magazine – in shops now.

* To book Fiona to visit your group click HERE


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