My Boy Freddy Buttons is a Finalist!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  When you immerse yourself in the imaginary world of an 8 year old boy, you begin to believe he is real and treat him like one of your own children.  Fact. Everywhere I go, people stop me to talk about Freddy Buttons – what they like in the books, their favourite stories and what recipes they have tried are some of my most frequent conversations.  I respond, not like an author, but like a mother, such is my love for Freddy Buttons.  When he does well I am proud.  And he has done well.  I got word today that his website, which is only in it’s infancy has been chosen as a finalist in two categories in the 2015 Irish Web Awards.

Oh yes, it’s that old ‘proud mama’ syndrome again for me!Freddy with yogurt (1)




But really, how could you not love him?



Buy the full set of Freddy Buttons books (signed) over on

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