Rosehip Syrup

Yesterday I climbed a ladder to the top of the garage here at Hunters Lodge where a forest of rosehips awaited my arrival.  Now my balance is not great at the best of times so my nearest and dearest were more than relieved to see me descend without incident and armed with my little red trophies.  I would usually wait until the first frost has arrived to pick rosehips, but with a photoshoot coming up this week which features rosehips, it was time to get my rosehip syrup act together. IMG_2037

Anyway, Ruth and I decided that we would share with you my very simple no-boil method of making rosehip syrup, so I sat on the patio and she recorded the process.  I sound like a bit of a loon and we used Periscope instead of Video, so the picture isn’t amazingly clear but it’s clear enough for you to see how incredibly simple this method is.

Check out my instructions and get foraging!



Please note that the producer/director of this short film was Miss Ruth Dillon (she likes to appear in the credits!).


Back soon folks



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