Honey For Sale

Once again we have lots of honey this year so the Surplus Stall is back in action for the foreseeable.  Miss Ruth has taken charge this time so each morning she pops down to the gate and fills the shelves with jars of pure, raw honey from the bees in our garden.   As usual, the Honesty Box is there too.  Now before you start thinking that she’s the perfect child skipping to the gate each morning, of course there’s an ulterior motive..IMG_5675

We’ve planned a family break for next Spring and spending money will be required.  Her Dad suggested that dedication to her little honey enterprise now would make for a very pleasant holiday next year  – she’s all over this honey-selling business let me tell you! A girl needs her spending money right? Photo 73_Eamonn with bees

So the signs are painted, the price list is up and Miss Ruth’s Honey Shop is open for business..

You know, the lessons that the children learned here years ago by selling half a dozen eggs for €1 are still being learned here today – this time it’s Ruth’s turn to learn about the value of the food we produce and eat. IMG_9165

Long may it last


The Surplus Stall is situated at the gate of Hunters Lodge on the L7147 off the Wexford Road.  All surplus produce will be left at the gate each morning.

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