Fiona Gets Fit – Days11-31

And so it continues – Project World Domination  FionaGetsFit!

Want to know how I’m getting on?  Well I left you on Day 10 after a great zumba glass and then, well, Day 11 happened…

Eddie Rocket's Power Breakfast


Day 11: Decide to accompany my long-suffering husband on a trip to Tullamore.  He has an early morning meeting and by 11.30 the meeting is over and we’re starving.  So, here’s the thing, I’ve never eaten an Eddie Rockets breakfast.  In the interests of research (and a rumbling belly) I bravely tucked into their Power Rocket Breakfast.  It was a fine (unhealthy) breakfast, but what stood out for me was the customer service. BIG pat on the back to the manager.

Day 12: Do a 3 MILE walk for the first time ever!  I’m liking this shifting my ass business.

Day 13: Spent the entire day in planning meetings and didn’t do any exercise – nor did I eat chocolate, cake or biscuits, so it’s all good..

Day 14: Zumba at 10.30am.  Oh boy did I work my butt off.  Another day with no chocolate, biscuits or cake – am I coming down with something?

Day 15: Disaster. I. Am. So. Sick. Woke in the middle of the night with a gastric bug that has floored me.  Can’t even sip water. And my one thought? “I’m going to miss zumba class tonight”.

Day 16: Sick

Day 17: Sick

Day 18 Still stick.  Went to doctor. It’s a virus.  Back to bed.

Day 19: Sick

Day 20: Sick

Day 21: Keeping down water and bread

Day 22: Feeling like a human again.  Great excitment when I hit the weighing scales.  Yay, loads of pounds down – bound to happen when you’re not eating.


When did chicken wings not make everything better?

Day 23: Off I went to the launch of a fabulous new brunch menu at Soder & Ko on George’s St.  I abstained from the cocktails, but nothing will help your appetite return quicker than Kwanghi Chan’s dumplings and Brunch Buns. In truth, I think I replaced all the lost pounds from the week before.

Scrambled egg and hot sauce brunch bun..

Scrambled egg and hot sauce brunch bun..

Day 24: Still not in form for exercising but I do manage to attend the opening of Daisy Cottage Farm Shop in Kiltegan.  Yes, I had buttery scones.  Yes I brought home cakes.  Yes, I am a failure…!

Day 25/26:  The weekend.  Lots of eating. No exercise (what? I’m still a bit weary okay?).  Vows taken to get back on track next week.  The looming milestone birthday awaits…….

Day 27/31 I have a brilliant plan.  I think I should start again in August.

Yes, definitely, August is a good month to get fit.  And after all this is a marathon not a sprint right? So my epic plan for July didn’t quite work out.  Maybe I’ll try not to be so epic in August and things might work out a bit better for me.  And if they don’t?  Well, there’s always September……

Oh and then these happened over the milestone birthday bank holiday weekend….

Not one but THREE cakes...

Not one but THREE cakes…

What is it the kids say…

“Would you like some epic with that fail?”


Yours with great intentions



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