Fiona Gets Fit: Days 4-10

Day 4: Another 2 mile walk done.  This time with Kate.  This time listening to music  (at last!).  More healthy BBQ food.  However, when they say nowadays that chocolate is good for you, I don’t think they meant the full bar of Turkish Delight I had after dinner.  Ah, it’s the weekend AND I’ve just spotted Freddy Buttons on Glenisk yogurts in Tesco – I’m too happy to be miserable dieting.11707696_10206601748103612_1076070580834952603_o

Day 5:  Another 2 mile walk done.  On my own – in the pouring rain. Somehow this makes me feel all the more virtuous, which is just as well because it’s our favourite Indian restaurant for Sunday Lunch…

Day 6: My day is mostly spent with twenty 8-13 year old at a food camp.  We talked and tasted and had great fun, which distracted me nicely from the impending 6pm Metafit class.  But I survived the class in surprisingly good condition.  Foodwise, I was a great girl altogether.  My friend Sean was visiting from Dubai, so instead of going out for a fat-filled dinner, I cooked steaks on the BBQ and served them with new potatoes and lots of salad.  Healthy dessert was Glenisk Vanilla strained yogurt, slices of banana and a “little” crumbled Twirl on the top.  Visitors=Twirls okay? And if I’m being totally honest, the real reason that I decided to stay in and cook relatively healthy options was because finding a restaurant open in Carlow on a Monday night proved difficult..

Day 7: Forgot to go to Zumba class at 10.30am. Too tired to walk. Went for a sleep early afternoon – while I should have been making dinner later in the day, I was fast asleep. My lovely family let me sleep away (while they took the opportunity to order Chinese food). My unfitness is taking it’s toll methinks. On the plus side, not one crumb of cake, biscuit or chocolate was consumed.

Day 8: Very early start to Dublin.  Enjoyed a nice healthy breakfast treat in Ariel House at 8am.IMG_0564  When my meetings were over I indulged in a late lunch with Kate in Counter Couture in the Powerscourt Townhouse (Counter Couture is a healthy food establishment with lots of guilt-free delights).  The Cucumber and Pea soup was sublime (€5 with a slice of soda bread).IMG_0570

Day 9: How do I say this….. healthwise, I was a feckin disaster. Back in Dublin for the relaunch of Orangina in Residence on Stephen’s Green.  The food was magnificent, the cocktails, not to mention the hoptails, needed tasting.  T’would have been rude not to.  Should I leave it at that or will I mention the large popcorn at the movies later in the day?  Probably best to move on and start again tomorrow.IMG_0616

Day 10: Zummmmmbaaaaaaaa!  I now love my Zumba class.  I can do the feet and the arms at the same time and not collapse into an unGodly heap on the floor!  This is good right?  Holy God, my former dance teacher better not be reading this!! Dinners continue to be mostly barbecued meat with salad/veg or potatoes.IMG_0628  As the weekend looms, I know I’m going to deteriorate into a whirlwind of bad food choices and chocolate (which I’m not even particularly fond of) but Lesley from Fusion Fitness continues to stay in touch and tries to keep me on the straight and narrow…

Next week I start on a programme of ab exercises, along with my zumba, maybe a bit of metafit and, hopefully, lots of healthy eating choices.

But I know this…

I’m not on a crazy fad manic diet, I am on a lifestyle change to get fitter.  This is not a sprint but a marathon, or for me, a leisurely walk..

Since July 1st, I’ve attended four zumba classes, one metafit class and enjoyed three 2 mile walks.  It’s probably more than I did in the six months leading up to July 1st.

I’m getting there…


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* Fusion Fitness is based in Graiguecullen, Co Carlow.  I pay a monthly fee of €50 to attend any amount of classes, have access to one to one consultations and loads of motivation from fellow members in a closed Facebook Group.  For more information check out their Facebook Page.

One thought on “Fiona Gets Fit: Days 4-10

  1. you’re doing great Fiona. Don’t fret about one or two slips (that’s all they are) As far as exercise is concerned and a busy lifestyle is concerned – I take the dog for a walk every day but only for 1 hour. I can manage 1 hour per day and now I find I do it in 45 minutes ‘cos Im walking faster. I find I get bored if the walk is any longer and that can set me on a slippery slope to excuses not to go.

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