Freddy Buttons – have you spotted him?

I knew the time was fast approaching for my beloved Freddy Buttons to appear on some of the Glenisk yogurt range (2 of their products), but actually seeing Freddy “in person” in the supermarket the other day, was really quite something.  I may have screamed – okay I did.  There he was, my little boy, standing as proud as punch on one of my favourite brands.  Truly it was a great moment.11707696_10206601748103612_1076070580834952603_o  I took photos while Eamonn piled the Freddy yogurts into the basket – for souvenirs like!  There’s lots more Freddy Buttons news to come before the year is out, but for now, I’m just relishing the wonderful feeling of seeing him on the supermarket shelf.  Thank you Glenisk!

Have you spotted Freddy on the shelves yet?




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