Fiona Gets Fit – Day1-Day3

I love food.  I love eating it, talking about it, growing it, shopping for it and writing about it.  I appreciate good food, especially real Irish food – we are blessed in this country with amazing food producers.  Now I’m not talking fancy shmancy food that costs a fortune.  No, I’m talking freshly baked bread, real Irish butter, a generous rib-eye marbled with fat, a slowed cook lamb shank and home-made ice-cream – you know what I mean?  Then there’s my love of afternoon tea.  Dear God, I sound like a right glutton.  I’m not a drinker.  I’m not a smoker.  My eyes don’t light up for designer goods.  I like to travel and I like food.  They’re my “things”.


Crisp and delicious loveliness straight from the garden

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this recently and this is why…

On August 1st this year I will reach another milestone birthday.  My dislike of exercise means that I’m rapidly about to change from fit and forty to fat and fifty.  How did that happen?  I suppose it’s got something to do with my love of food…

I’m fortunate that I’m tall, so carrying a few extra pounds is relatively easy to hide.  But who am I kidding?  Those extra pounds now amount to a stone.  I am really good at regular medical MOTs and cholesterol checks, but Mother of God am I unfit!

The healthy eating has commenced

#FionaGetsFit Honey coated barbequed chicken and tomatoes

So, a week ago, I decided to make July my get fit month in the run up to that looming birthday.  I love my life, my family, my friends, my work – I am a very contented lady, except for the Michelin tyre that seems to be expanding at a rate of knots.

Cue Fusion Fitness in Carlow.

Those of you from the area will have heard of Fusion Fitness.  Set up by two ladies, Lesley Dempsey and Phil Slattery, they motivate, encourage and work your ass off through a series of classes every week.  On July 1st, I signed up.  I completed all the paperwork and went through the shame of being weighed and measured. Under hobbies I put “eating”.  Under interests I put “food”.  Lesley didn’t kick me out.  I offered to leave, but no, this lady aint giving up on me that easily.  So, for the month of July I’m going to share my “Fiona Gets Fit” diary with you.  But be warned…. Those of you who might take offence at the Lord’s name being taken in vain, stop reading now!

98% lean mince burgers with red onion and honey from the garden

#FionaGetsFit 98% lean mince burgers with red onion and honey from the garden

Any advice to keep me motivated will be much appreciated.

Yours exhaustedly

Fiona x

Day 1

3pm Enjoy a lunch of the condemned in Angels on Horseback in Carlow (it’s a lovely spot).

7pm: Register with Fusion Fitness and take part in a Zumba Gold class.  Ruth is joining me on this month of madness to keep me motivated.  To be honest, she doesn’t think I’ll last a week – she may be right.  At one point during the class she said to me “do the arms”.  I quickly pointed out that I was doing my best to “do the feet”.  Arms may wait for another day. By the end of the Zumba Class I was the colour of someone about to die of a coronary.  I kid you not.  But I did it.

Day 2

No class today so it’s walk day.  Lots of healthy food cooked and devoured throughout the day and Ruth and I set off for a 2 mile walk at 8.30pm, each of us with our headphones to listen to our favourite music.  Two minutes into the walk I realised that my music hadn’t downloaded to my new phone – well, one song did.  After listening to “Let It Go” from Frozen three times I gave up and did my best to keep up with Ruth for the two miles, whilst immersed in my own thoughts.  When we got home Ellie had made a Lemon Sandwich Cake – t’would have been rude not to have a slice. (Please no-one tell Lesley!!)

Day 3

Woke at 6am with a headache so I decided to not go to the 7am Metafit class, but to do the 10.30am Zumba Gold class instead.  I quite enjoyed it.  I might have turned peuce, but this time I managed “the arms” as well.  Go me! A shoulder of pork is slow cooking for tonight and I’ll finish it off on the barbecue, then we’ll all tuck in with breads and salads from the garden.  Who knows, I might even fit in another walk tonight… (we all know I won’t)


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