Freddy Buttons at Bloom 2015

Freddy Buttons is here.

The books are printed.

This week they will make their way into bookstores nationwide.

They are now available online at .

Yes, Freddy Buttons has arrived.

Freddy Buttons - the complete first series pic

And the culmination of this project is the Freddy Buttons Show Garden which will be revealed this weekend at Bloom 2015 in the Phoenix Park.  Sponsored by Glenisk, the garden will really bring the books to life.  I am so excited!  If you are visiting Bloom this year, bring the children.  I’ve something really cool to show them at the garden (it’s a secret for now).

Freddy Buttons Garden

This is all you get to see for now!

I do hope you can make it.  If you have any interest in gardening, traditional lifestyle skills, cooking, artisan food, beekeeping, keeping chickens, growing your own and of course eating lovely food, this is the place to be.  If you are visiting for the first time, be sure to wear your comfy walking shoes because you will happily wander for hours – believe me.

I will be there all weekend so do come and say hello.  I’d love to see you….

Fiona x


2 thoughts on “Freddy Buttons at Bloom 2015

  1. Congrats from London here you got a silver at Bloom Can’t wait to get Freddy Buttons when I get back Cora mundow

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