Freddy Buttons & Orpen Press

I am so excited and delighted to announce that my Freddy Buttons series of food adventure books for children will be published by Orpen Press.  I’ve worked with Orpen Press before and I can’t believe how fortunate I am that they have such belief, not only in me, but in Freddy Buttons.  Yes, I am gushing.  Yes, I am grinning.  But allow me my moment!

FB - BOOK 4 - COVER cmyk

While I’m at it, I have to say that working with Glenisk on this project is an absolute dream.  And as for my illustrator, Derry?  Well all I can say is that I’m like the cat that got the cream to be surrounded by so many like-minded and inspirational people.  And now that Freddy Buttons will have his VERY OWN garden at Bloom 2015, you can only imagine the excitement!  All right, enough of the gushing…

FB - BOOK 5 - COVER cmyk

In reality, my days are filled mostly with writing.  Sometimes I get to work outside Hunters Lodge and shoot cool videos for companies like Chia Bia, but mostly I’m here writing.  And cooking.  And writing.  With only a few weeks left before the books go to print I don’t have a minute to spare.  Thank God, the kids know how to look after themselves and the husband can use the washing machine!!  Honestly, it would be so hard without their help.  It’s funny though, once you make your choice not to be stressed, everything  becomes a lot easier.  I’m not going to panic because I haven’t ironed the clothes, polished the  coffee tables or vacuumed the landing.  The house is messy, but that can wait a couple more weeks.  Then I can tackle the house, whitewash the pig run, sow more veg and do all the other things that I’m refusing to stress about right now.  They’ll all be still here when Freddy Buttons goes to print (just pray I don’t have visitors).  I can’t wait for you to read the books with your children/grandchildren and I can’t wait for you to meet this little boy who has captured my heart utterly and completely.

Who cares about a messy house when I know that I’ll get to share  Freddy Buttons with children everywhere.


Remember there’s still time to enter the Glenisk Bookmark Competition –  and your child will be in with a chance to win a trip for their entire class to visit Bloom 2015 (with a Glenisk picnic for everyone!).

I hope you all get to enjoy some of this fine weather we’re promised for the weekend.  If you’re looking for me, well, I’ll be writing….



Catch up on Fiona’s latest Home Farm article in Irish Country Magazine in shops now.

Enter the Freddy Buttons competition for primary school children HERE

“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in shops nationwide or directly from Orpen Press.


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