Easter Eggs from Marks & Spencer

With all the writing I’m doing at the moment, I had forgotten that Easter was almost upon us.  But you can’t beat a chocolatey reminder – especially if it’s from Marks & Spencer, and comes in the form of an Irish easter egg.  I was really delighted to discover that Lir easter eggs (which are made in Co Meath) are now available in M&S stores.  There I was, with a chocoholic husband, and an offer of luxury easter eggs.  Good right?  So what eggs did I choose?MARC DE CHAMPAGNE EGG, £9, 140gWell, the chocolate fiends amongst you are are thinking “the biggest, giantest, most enormous luxury egg possible”.  Go on, admit it!


But, oh no, not me…

Look, I’m only human and I forgot about provenance and every other word beginning with p when I saw easter eggs with these names..

Colin the Caterpillar


Nancy the Hen

Nancy the hen

Percy the Pig



beehiveThere was even a chocolate beehive!  No self-respecting Freddy Buttons fan could turn down a chocolate beehive, oh no.

So for the grown ups, Marks & Spencer have an amazing range of Lir luxury easter eggs in store now.  The sort of eggs that Mr Dillon loves.  The sort of eggs that chocolate lovers dream about.  THE GIANT GOLDEN LATTICE EGG, €60, 1.5kgThe sort of eggs Mr Dillon could be enjoying on Easter Sunday if I hadn’t opted for the hen, or the pig, or the beehive…

What?  Who says I have to grow up….?

Happy Easter folks


Fiona x




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