Spring is in the air…

“There’s a grand stretch in the evenings”  You’ve been hearing this right?  Or maybe even saying it?  I must admit “the grand stretch” is one of my favourite things – ever.  And why wouldn’t it be when it coincides with so many of nature’s magical moments.  It heralds the arrival of the flower that was my grandmother’s favourite, the daffodil.  I do love them.


With the grand stretch comes the arrival of chicks.  Seriously, there is nothing nicer.


This week one of our bantams hatched out ten little beauties.  They have taken up residence in the Tomato House, and there they’ll stay until Mother Hen decides otherwise.

The beehives have been opened and all colonies are strong and healthy.  Eamonn is now busy prepping for the months ahead.

IMG_9211 I’d like to tell you that I’ve been out sowing and growing, but Freddy Buttons is taking up all of my time.  But he is so worth it folks!

Freddy Buttons Competition poster A3 CMYK

Click the link on the top right hand side of my website for more information on the Freddy Buttons bookmark competition.

Roll on Bloom 2015 – I hope to see you there!

In the meantime,  you can check out my organic aphid spray HERE and don’t forget that “Food from an Irish Garden” is full of tips to help you get sowing and growing (Orpen Press €17.95).

This week, the latest edition of Irish Country Magazine is out.  I am loving (and envious) that some of the shoots took place in Marakech.  Check it out, it’s really good – and my feature is on chicks, and yes, they are too cute!


I can’t complain though, because if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I’m only back from eating my way around the southern coast of Turkey!

IMG_9600 IMG_9470 IMG_9603

Now that I’m back it’s full steam ahead on the Afternoon Tea front as well, with a trip next week to Mount Juliet. Of course, that’s if Freddy gives me the time off.

Yes, that grand stretch makes everything seem possible doesn’t it?



Catch up on Fiona’s latest Home Farm article in Irish Country Magazine in shops now.

Enter the Freddy Buttons competition for primary school children HERE

“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in shops nationwide or directly from Orpen Press.

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