The Honesty Box Is Back

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Even earlier than last year, but we have had so many requests for our honey from the garden that we are setting up our little Surplus Stall at the gate today.  It’s the perfect time to up your honey intake before the old Spring allergies kick in.


The honey flow in 2014 was excellent so we are fortunate to find outselves with a surplus of the most delicious pure raw honey.  Our bees are self-sufficient and are not fed processed sugar. We take from our hives only what is surplus to the bee’s requirements.  It’s only right.

Eggs (10)

Each morning we will put out a few jars, along with any surplus eggs we may have.  This will be soon followed by the fresh rhubarb.  As the seasons move on, we’ll add to the little Surplus Stall just like previous years.

fionadillon (18)

The Surplus Stall was set up many years ago as a way, not only to cover chicken feed costs, but to teach the children the value of  money.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s no harm to teach them how many €2 cartons of eggs they have to sell to buy a new phone.  It’s a life lesson for us all!

And no, the produce has never been robbed, or the money stolen. And if that happens, so what; hopefully it will be taken by someone who really needs it…

Have a good weekend folks.  Do something crazy – this isn’t a trial run…

Fiona x

The Surplus Stall is situated at the gate of Hunters Lodge on the L7147 off the Wexford Road.  All surplus produce will be left at the gate each morning.

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