“Not Much On the Aul Blog”

Who better than an Irish Mammy to keep you in line?  I say this with first hand experience, for at the end of a lovely text from my mum yesterday were those exact words “not  much on the aul blog”.  Oh God!  I should be blogging more! Now I feel the need to make excuses for why I’m not blogging three times a week.  I should be out taking loads of stunning photos of the garden bursting to life.  Mind you, I should also be vacuuming and ironing, but that’s not gonna happen.  I could also pretend that I was baking all week, but as the oven door fell off on  Monday, that would be a total lie!


But it has made me think about exactly what I have done this week. This is of course to make me not feel like a total failure.  I guess it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to make a lifestyle blog seem glamorous and exciting, but I do try to keep it real.

IMG_2877 Of course you want to post the tastiest recipes and the most attractive photos.  You want to be annoucing the arrival of cute chicks and writing about the easiest way to make delicious wine with the early rhubarb.  But the fact of the matter is I’m a wife and a mother of four – and they come first.


So here’s my week in reality.


Feed the animals.

The oven door falls off.

I’m using this as a kick start to healthy eating week.  All desserts this week will be fruit and yoghurt based (the family actually have fallen in love with this idea).


Collect eggs.

School runs.

Visit Granny.

Light a great fire.

Dinner: Baked salmon and roasted veg cooked in an oven with the door held on by a chair.


Feed the animals.

Panic over the fact that my passport is out of date and I’m flying in less than a month.  Think to myself “I must get a new oven” and plan a dinner using the hob and the good old George Foreman.


School runs.

Collect eggs.


Light a great fire.

Forget that Ellie has ballet until she appears at 8.15pm looking for a lift.  There goes the evening by the fire.

Dinner: Sweet chilli chicken & steamed veg and potatoes.


Feed the animals.

Now I do the fun stuff.  I get to spend time with my book illustrator who is THE most gifted illustrator on the planet (more about this next week hopefully).

Collect eggs.

Discover the car tax is out of date.

School runs.

Totally forget about the oven.  Have no recollection of what dinner was!


Light a great fire.


Awake at 5am worrying about Kate who gets her exam results today.  Thankfully my worries were unfounded.

Feed the animals.

Today the wallpapering of the hall stairs and landing continues. Don’t worry I have help…..

Must investigate the price of ovens.


Collect eggs.

School runs.

Spend a considerable amount of time chasing the kittens out the back door until I eventually realise they keep sneaking in the front door.  Sometimes I really wonder about myself….

Dinner: Gammon steak on a bed of colcannon with extra veg.


So here I am. It’s Friday.

The hall, stairs and landing will be finished this evening.

The animals are fed.

The children are happy.

I’m working really hard on my new book project and can’t wait to share it with you.  It may not be a glamorous lifestyle, but it sure is interesting – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now I just have to sort out that oven.  And the TV licence.  And the ironing..

Did you have a glamorous or a real week?  I’d love to know!

Fiona x


Check out Fiona’s latest article in Irish Country Magazine.

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4 thoughts on ““Not Much On the Aul Blog”

  1. Very much real and normal week here 🙂 thankfully my oven door is not bad but the oven itself could do with a bit of a deep clean!! (So could the rest of the house!). Have a nice weekend 🙂

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