Vertigo – My Christmas Surprise

I was starting to feel a teensy weensy bit smug.  For the first time in over twenty years I was revelling in a completely stress-free run up to Christmas.

Five days to Christmas –  all the presents were under the tree.

Four days to Christmas  – fridge full, ironing done and I spent the day playing hookie on a trip to Cork.

Three days to Christmas – well hello vertigo.  The room starts spinning and the doctor orders ten days rest and no driving.

It was all going too well right?

So dear readers my plans to tell you all about my trip to Killavullen Woods in Cork are on hold.

IMG_6765So too, is my easy meatballs in tomato sauce recipe which comes in very handy on the busy days running up to December 25th.

IMG_6752 And my review of Afternoon Tea in the Shelbourne Hotel will have to wait.


And so be it.  The spinning has reduced to dizziness and I have loads of children more than willing and able to help.  To be laid up wasn’t what I had planned, but things could be an awful lot worse.

I, for one, am counting my blessings this year.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas – be kind to yourselves…


Fiona xx

December 2014


7 thoughts on “Vertigo – My Christmas Surprise

  1. Aaaw, poor Fiona…..but at least you are mostly ready and with the help you should relax and take it easy.Hope you will feel better soon. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx

  2. Aw no Fi, the last thing you need!! Ah well, all hands on deck – Eamon and the junior Ds, this is your chance to shine!! Hope you still have a lovely Christmas, horizontally if necessary, and we’ll catch up in 2015! Hope next year is a great one for us all! Collette, John, Ciara et al xxxxx

      • Ooh I’m all intrigued now!! Will do my best to be available!! Hope you continue to improve – think it was one of those Christmases, I’m on antibiotics since Tuesday and one of Laura’s twins has been poorly since Christmas Day! Here’s to a healthier start to 2015 😜 Talk soon xx

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