A Bloggers Confession

It’s been twelve days since my last blog post.  It feels like ages ago.

Blogging affords me the opportunity to reflect on my week and I miss it if I don’t blog regularly.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog – I have lots of posts in my drafts but none of them felt worthy of an entire blogpost…


Things like the fact that I’m attempting to make my own cinnamon honey without heating the honey.  Or I’m working on a project to help 11 and 12 year olds make their own “pot noodles”.

I have been busy.  I’ve dressed up for award  ceremonies and dressed down to clean out the chicken coops.  I’ve shown Kate how to cook some more fast, healthy student dinners.

I have travelled to yet another school to teach the students how to become poultry-keepers.  I have signed copies of my book and met amazing people along the way.

IMG_6620 Little Miss Ruth and one of her friends have organised a fundraiser in school this week to raise money for two animal welfare charities.  I will be buried beneath a mountain of loom bands and cupcakes until the big day on Friday!  Speaking of animals, did I mention we have two new kittens?  Bobbi and Mila are settling in well (they’re outdoor cats Dad, it’s safe to visit!).




It’s fair to say I have plenty to occupy me without having to write a blogpost.


And then it dawned on me


Truth is I usually give myself the choice of writing a blogpost or doing the ironing – and that my dear readers, is the REAL reason I love to blog….




You’ll find my take on Irish Apples in the Oct/Nov edition of Irish Country magazine.

For more of my “back to basics” tips, check out the current edition of the UK’s Home Farmer 

“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in bookstores nationwide.

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