My Titanic Tale

A visit to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast has been on our To Do list for a while.  Trying to organise the seven of us to be in the one place at the one time took a mountain of organising – never  mind sorting the hens and delivering two little dogs and two kittens to … Continue reading

Farewell Willow Goose

It took two days for the inevitable to happen.  Two days for Willow Goose to die. I knew her death was inevitable. I knew that all the veterinary advice in the world, injections and well wishes weren’t going to work. Her time was up. But that didn’t stop me wishing to God I was wrong. … Continue reading

A Bloggers Confession

It’s been twelve days since my last blog post.  It feels like ages ago. Blogging affords me the opportunity to reflect on my week and I miss it if I don’t blog regularly.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog – I have lots of posts in my drafts but none of them felt worthy of an … Continue reading