My News – One Year On..

I spent last weekend at Savour Kilkenny 2014 and in my opinion, it was the best Savour yet.  Exactly one year ago, at Savour Kilkenny 2013, I launched “Food from an Irish Garden”.  A couple of days later I set up this website  This week I have time to reflect..

This past year has flown by.  My new website has proven very popular, making it to the finals in no less than five categories at this year’s Irish Blog Awards.  It was also an honour to see that it was a finalist in the Lifestyle category of the Blog Awards.  I continue to love this website like I love my diary, which is never far from my side.  I continue to write my blog for family and friends and am flattered that I have readers from all walks of life, all over the world.

So that’s my website, but what of my book?

Hunters cover amended

As recently as yesterday I got a call to tell me about an American visitor to Ireland who has fallen head over heels in love with my book.  I still blush.  I’m still just me.

Photo 4_Fiona and Pippi  My book is what it is – a beginnners guide to self-sufficiency written with love and honesty.  That phonecall from Orpen Press inviting me to write a book, will forever remain one of the highlights of my life.

And it has opened up so many opportunities for me.  Whether it’s giving a talk on living the good life, doing a “bread and butter” cookery demonstration, working with Slow Food or talking about food provenance on local or national airwaves, I am kept busy.

My parents Céline & Joe Molloy - they continue to inspire me every day..

My parents Céline & Joe Molloy – they continue to inspire me every day..

I am loving every second of this adventure.

But what next?

Well, it will come as no surprise to hear that, first and foremost, I must follow my heart.  I had some very interesting proposals shortly after my first book was published but my heart wasn’t in them.  My heart lay firmly in the notion that I wanted to spread the word amongst children about where their food comes from.  I also had a character in mind to feature in these books thanks to my mother, whom I think would be an amazing writer and storyteller if she chose to put her words on paper.   I had an idea for a series of children’s books and I couldn’t let it go.  It has taken a lot of work, but very shortly I hope to officially announce the publication and launch of my latest work.  This one is really close to my heart for many reasons and I can’t wait to share it with you, so watch this space.

One  year on, life is good.  My sowing and growing hasn’t been as good this year as other years but I’m not going to beat myself up over that.  I have done lots of experimenting in the kitchen and shared bread with good friends.  I have to work very hard on my latest project for the next six months, but I think  it will be worth every minute of it.  Eamonn, Joe, Kate, Ellie and Ruth are all in great form, Pippi and Copper seem to rule the house and two new kittens arrived recently to add to the chaos.  It’s hard to believe it’s a year since we all gathered to celebrate the launch of my book.  Time flies, as they say.



You’ll find my take on Irish Apples in the Oct/Nov edition of Irish Country magazine.

For more of my “back to basics” tips, check out the current edition of the UK’s Home Farmer 

“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in bookstores nationwide.

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