Sunday Lunch at Our House

I spent eight hours in the kitchen today – five hours preparing lunch and three hours sitting around a table surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world.  It wasn’t a quiet affair.  It was a noisy gathering and laughter was the order of the day.  That’s what happens when you are a fairly large family – mealtimes are noisy. Add in grandparents, relatives and friends, and a simple Sunday lunch becomes a really special occasion.

Roses (Champagne Moment) from the garden

Roses (Champagne Moment) from the garden

These days we are quite often a “two adults and two children” family, with the older children now based back in Dublin.  Things have become quieter – almost sedate.   And it’s true, I sometimes miss the crazy chaos of mealtimes. which makes days like today extra special.

As the numbers increased for today’s gathering, I upgraded the planned chicken to a 15lb turkey.  I got to work this morning on a simple stress-free menu…..

“Free-range turkey, crispy roast potatoes, sage and lemon stuffing, creamed turnip, broccoli and homemade gravy”

photo (54)

We started with garlic and cheese mushrooms with a chunk of crusty bread to soak up the meltingphoto (53) garlicky butter, and finished with several pots of tea to accompany stewed cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream.

A big jug of sparkling water with homemade rhubarb and honey cordial, frozen raspberries and fresh mint from the garden quenched thirsts for young and old alike.

It was plain, basic, real food packed with flavour – just like my grandmothers used to make and I couldn’t be happier than when I get to eat food like this with my family.


Time to put my feet up now while trying to figure out where all the “bits” of the school uniforms are…

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too..



PS: Get well soon to my mum who has been under the weather this week.  Dad stayed home to mind her, so we missed them round the kitchen table this afternoon.  Next time xx



You’ll find my take on Irish Apples in the Oct/Nov edition of Irish Country magazine.

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I’m delighted to be MC for the night in Ballon, Co Carlow on October 10th for their harvest food festival – do come say hello!  (AND, I’ll be kicking off the event by showing you how to make Raspberry Gin/Raspberry Cordial  with a little sample on the night for everyone).

“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in bookstores nationwide.

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