Fota Wildlife Park – our first visit

At the start of the school holidays I  promised Ruth a trip to Cork.  With the weeks flying by and a return to school on the horizon, we took our little roadtrip this week before we ran out of holiday time.  As an ESB ECar ambassador I thought it might be fun to travel in the Renault Zoe to see how it would handle the distance.  I know lots of you followed my #Carlow2Cork trip on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll do a full post on my driving experience later.

While we were in Cork I thought it might be fun to bring my animal-mad daughter to Fota Wildlife Park .  Neither of us had visited before and we spent hours wandering around in the sunshine (and rain).

I’ll let the pictures do the talking….


black swan,




white swan,


fota wildlife,




red panda,



Fota Wildlife Park is about a twenty minute drive from Cork City and is well sign-posted.  Entrance for one adult and one child was €23 and a map to help you find your way around was an extra €1.  You can buy sweets, chips and ice creams, but  I recommend packing a picnic as there are lots of lovely areas to enjoy your homemade sarnies.  Ruth loved the park and learned lots about endangered animals.  We will definitely go back to visit some time.

So we made it to Cork – we chatted, laughed and sang at the top of our voices all the way down and all the way back.

It’s the simple things right?


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