Great British Bake Off v Me on IrishTV!

Some weeks ago I was invited by Lorna Sixsmith, author of “Would You Marry A Farmer” and co-founder of KLCK Bloggers Network, to join her in Ducketts Grove to chat to IrishTV about our blog to book journeys.  Of course I was delighted to go and chat (me being not exactly shy like).

Anyway, there we were at home last night, getting ready to go visit Granny when Lorna got in touch to say that our little piece would be aired at 8pm last night.

Well of course I got texting family and friends – “8pm. Sky 191. Carlow Matters. I’m on it”

My text created somewhat of a dilemma for many though….  I was on the same time as the Great British Bake Off!  With not an ounce of diva in me, I told them all to stick with GBBO and pop over to IrishTV, put Carlow in the search box and they’d find me at the end of episode 13 when they had a free moment.

Here is the link if you would like to watch it too.  You’ll find me in Part 2..

Carlow Matters – Irish TV

So there you go.  I’m seriously impressed though that some people chose me over GBBO (thanks Mum!)

Back soon




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