Farewell Sweet Summer

It’s the last week of August. The younger children are back to school and the rain hasn’t stopped falling.  In fact, it has pretty much been raining non stop since last Sunday morning. Now I usually can’t remember what the weather was like yesterday, never mind last Sunday morning, but there’s a reason. You see, … Continue reading

Image.ie Blog Awards

I am  happy, excited and delighted to announce that I have just been shortlisted in the Lifestyle Category of the Image.ie 2014 Blog Awards. I know, I know – I ‘ve been asking you to vote for me in the Irish Blog Awards (and a great job you’re doing too!), but if you had a … Continue reading

Simple Soda Bread

Back in the day, I used to wonder why on earth people bothered making their own bread.  I remember a colleague saying one morning  “I got home and we had no bread so I baked a loaf”.  I thought she was mad. But with a change of lifestyle, came a change of attitude and an eagerness to consider … Continue reading

Fota Wildlife Park – our first visit

At the start of the school holidays I  promised Ruth a trip to Cork.  With the weeks flying by and a return to school on the horizon, we took our little roadtrip this week before we ran out of holiday time.  As an ESB ECar ambassador I thought it might be fun to travel in the Renault … Continue reading

Spare Me A Vote Please?

Last week I received an email from the good folk at Irish Blog Awards telling that my blogpost   ” Saving Money the old-fashioned way” had been nominated for best blogpost of 2014. How cool is that? But here’s the thing, I need votes to make the Top 10.  If you could spare a minute to vote … Continue reading

Great British Bake Off v Me on IrishTV!

Some weeks ago I was invited by Lorna Sixsmith, author of “Would You Marry A Farmer” and co-founder of KLCK Bloggers Network, to join her in Ducketts Grove to chat to IrishTV about our blog to book journeys.  Of course I was delighted to go and chat (me being not exactly shy like). Anyway, there we … Continue reading

Drying Herbs

In my last post I mentioned that I was already drying herbs for the old Christmas stuffing.  I was delighted that my readers got in touch, not to tell me it was waaaaaay too early to talk about Christmas, but to ask me to share details sooner rather than later. This post  focuses on air-drying herbs. … Continue reading