A Picture tells a thousand words..

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop.  To take five minutes.  To take a stroll around the garden.   When you love your job it’s easy to become totally immersed – whether it’s writing lifestyle pieces, a magazine photoshoot, creating recipes or book research, God knows I love it all. But all too easily we can ignore our outdoor surroundings with only torrential rain or glorious sunshine tugging our attention away from our day to day distractions.

Today, I decided to take the camera with me for my time out in the garden nearest my kitchen.  Here’s what I found..

www.fionadillon.comRuth is training Ruby to play fetch.  Ruby is the miniature Yorkie that’s looking more and more like a Shorkie every day..

lavender at www.fionadillon.comThe lavender is working really well against the white picket fence.

bees on horse chestnut at www.fionadillon.comThe honey bees are busy on the horse chestnut.

strawberries on www.fionadillon.comWe’ll be soon munching on these strawberries.

plums on www.fionadillon.comAnd we’re expecting a bumper crop of plums.

golden phoenix chick on www.fionadillon.comThe chicks are thriving.

pink hawthorn on www.fionadillon.comAnd there’s glorious colour everywhere..

So take some time out today- five minutes will do and believe me, whether it’s your garden, a field, a forest or your local park, you’ll feel a lot better afterwards..

Have a good week and I’ll be back soon with my Rhubarb Cordial recipe.

“Food from an Irish Garden” in bookstores nationwide.

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