Saving Money – the old fashioned way

The euros are adding up. Have you startedyour Savings Jar?

Fiona Dillon Writes

I came across this idea surfing the great big interweb recently.  Saving money in a jar – nothing new there I hear you say, but there’s a difference….

The amount of money I put in each week matches the week number that we are on in the year.  For example, I will start next week which will be Week 1, so I’ll put €1 in the jar.  Week 2 will be €2 and so on until Week 52 and yes, that week will be the costliest at €52.  If I do this I will have over €1300 in the jar by the end of the year.  Nice?

2014-01-04 15.52.30

Now, I can hear you saying many things….

1.  Cool idea – yes I agree.

2.  I am sensible Fiona.  I have savings and don’t need to resort to a jar– well go you!  However, not everyone is this diligent…

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