Rhubarb & Honey Cordial

I love this homemade cordial.  With rhubarb from the garden, our own honey and cool sparkling water, this drink is both sweet and tart, and uber-refreshing, all at the same time.   You can keep the cordial in the fridge or freeze it in an ice cube tray to add to sparkling water, soda water … Continue reading

A Picture tells a thousand words..

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop.  To take five minutes.  To take a stroll around the garden.   When you love your job it’s easy to become totally immersed – whether it’s writing lifestyle pieces, a magazine photoshoot, creating recipes or book research, God knows I love it all. But all too easily we can ignore … Continue reading

Escargot – more French than Irish but…..

Mention the word snails to an Irish gardener and boy will they  have plenty to say.  The bain of their lives and the ruination of their lettuce patch is what you’re likely to hear. Eggshells, coffee grinds, copper, comfrey and salt will quickly be cited as some of the tried and tested methods to keep the … Continue reading

Saving Money – the old fashioned way

Originally posted on Fiona Dillon Writes:
I came across this idea surfing the great big interweb recently.  Saving money in a jar – nothing new there I hear you say, but there’s a difference…. The amount of money I put in each week matches the week number that we are on in the year.  For…

Kerrygold Butter – a worldwide sensation

If there is such a thing as a butterholic it is me.  Hands up.  Forget chocolate, just give me real butter on fresh bread.  Add a drizzle of pure honey from the garden and what could be finer? Making your own butter is so incredibly simple and little pats of homemade butter make a fabulous … Continue reading

Raspberry Vodka Chocolate Bites

I was preparing for a “Food from an Irish Garden” demonstration recently.  Eighty people eager to hear how I grow, rear and cook my food.  I don’t travel lightly for my demonstrations so fortunately my Ecar which is arriving next week has a decent size boot.  I like to bring a bit of everything with … Continue reading

Review: Bodega Restaurant, Waterford

The Munster Regional Final of the 2014 Irish Restaurant Awards, in association with Independent LIFE magazine, took place last Tuesday night in Limerick.  It was no surprise that Cormac Cronin of Bodega Restaurant in Waterford City came out top of the bunch in the “Best Casual Dining in Waterford” catergory, for Cormac and his team have … Continue reading

ESB’s Great Electric Drive 2014

This week ESB launched their 2014 Great Electric Drive.  In their search for ECar ambassadors earlier this year, they received over 20,000 nominations.  With a current range of vehicles from the likes of BMW, Renault, Nissan and Citroen, and VW launching the electric version of their Golf shortly, it’s only a matter of time before … Continue reading