Happy Easter from Hunters Lodge

Happy Easter readers.  I hope you find time to spend with family and friends around your kitchen table this weekend -or at the very least, find time to do something nice for yourself.  Our time is precious so spend it wisely…. We are halfway through the school Easter holidays and one of the highlights so … Continue reading

Blueberry Cream Slice

When it comes to easy sweet treat recipes, there’s simple, and then there’s Fiona Dillon simple. In my defence I have had a very busy week so time for baking was pretty limited. In fact, I had no intention of baking but as I put together a turkey  pie the other day, I had an idea … Continue reading

The Old Kitchen Drawer

In place of a recipe or advice on growing food for you today,  I have a poem for you.   No, don’t go!  I didn’t write it!  It was written by Kilkenny photographer Pat Shortall and if you were reared in a typical Irish kitchen, you are going to love this. Sit back and enjoy…. … Continue reading

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cups – Guest Post

I didn’t plan to take a blogging break today but when your eleven year old daughter makes a batch of delightful little peanut butter cups, then proceeds to style and photograph them, I suddenly thought “guest post”.  After all she was putting such effort in it was a shame not to share her work ( … Continue reading

I’ve made the BOPS shortlist!

I was delighted this week to discover that I had been shortlisted for the inaugural BOPS  (blogging and online publishing) Awards which are sponsored by Littlewoods Ireland. Thank you to those who nominated fionadillon.com in the Best Food Read category.  I am truly flattered. Voting is now open to the public so if you would … Continue reading