Happy Mothers Day

I’ve had one of those weeks.  You know how it goes – respiratory flu, gastric flu; I had heard that there was a terrible virus doing the rounds, now I know for sure there is!

I’m rarely ill and I confess that I’m not really a great patient.  Life is for living and it’s a sure indication in this house that I am really ill if I “take to the bed”.  Plans were abandoned – no photography class this week, no writing of my next book, no cooking or baking, no sowing seeds, I barely made my feature-writing deadlines and today?

No seeing my mother on Mothers Day.

Now I personally don’t like to read blogs where the writers moan about the week they have had.  There are too many positive things to experience every day and it’s just not in me to focus on the negative.  But when you can’t be with your mother on Mother’s Day, for me as a writer, words are the next best thing.

So, to the beautiful woman who still tells me “be careful, that knife is sharp” and who has coined my favourite phrase “you used be Margot but now you’re Barbara!” Happy Mothers Day.  I Love You.

My parents at my Mum's 70th birthday recently

My parents at my Mum’s 70th birthday recently


All is quiet this morning here at Hunters Lodge apart from a crazy puppy running around my feet.  I’m sneaking back to bed now for a little rest before my own children wake up; for I know that later today, there will be five more persons (and they’re not little ones!) in the bed with me!  And there will be laughter – lots of laughter.

I am blessed.

Happy Mothers Day  xx



5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you Fiona and hopefully you will be back to your energenitic self in no time. Rest up and get well xx

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