Spring is in the air

So the weather is not great, but there are moments each day when you can definitely feel that Spring is in the air.   A burst of sunshine from behind the clouds, sweet melodies from the birds and the biggest giveaway of all –  the chickens. They are laying like there’s no tomorrow.  Eggs (35)You’ll hear no complaints from me about that.  It will soon be time to set up out little surplus stall at the gate where we will leave an honesty box and our surplus eggs, honey, rhubarb and other goodies from the garden.  But we’re a little bit away from that yet.  In the meantime, the ground is still really mucky underfoot but that doesn’t mean you can’t get work done.


Now is the time to get chitting those seed potatoes.

Sow seeds on windowsills – peas, tomatoes and herbs can all be started now.






Take advantage of a burst of sunshine and give your old pots, seed trays, polytunnel or greenhouse a good spring clean.

If you are a poultry-keeper give all your feeders and drinkers a good wash and let them dry in the sunshine.  The big chicken coop cleanout after deep-bedding for the winter will be happening shortly too.


SnowdropSo make the most of those fine spells and get to work in the garden.  The rewards will be huge – and tasty, very very tasty..


“Food from an Irish Garden” is available in bookstores nationwide and through www.orpenpress.com.


To book Fiona for a talk/demonstration email: fiona.dillon@hotmail.com or phone 085 1057314

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. Definitely!! One of my girls had re started laying, but I find that whenever there’s a stormy time coming she stops again. So I think I can now predict the weather…lol But I did get a lot of clearing and tidying done in this morning’s sunshine 🙂

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