Garlic & Herb Butter

I’ve just finished writing my latest article for Home Farmer magazine in the UK.  This time I was writing about butter – making homemade butter, spreadable butter, nut butters and flavoured butters (pick up April’s edition for all the recipes).  With Kate’s help I took all the shots I needed and off they went to the UK.

2014-02-03 14.28.10

It wasn’t until I took steaks out of the fridge last weekend that I remembered the garlic and herb butter I had popped in the freezer after the shoot.

(And speaking of garlic,  a big thanks to Quickcrop whom I think sent me their ENTIRE garlic collection to try!  It’s peaking up out of the ground despite storms, snow, frost and ice).

2014-02-08 12.38.40

There’s no end to the flavours to add to butter.  Garlic and parsley is a match made in heaven.

IMG_3395Or try a cheesy butter by adding parmesan or grana padano.

Go one step further and add in a little chopped sundried tomato for a delicious Italian twist.  Spices work well too and if you are a beekeeper, why not add a little of your own honey?  There are no rules here except to have fun with flavours.  I make my flavour combinations with 100g of butter – small enough that I can store the butter in the freezer and use within two months.


To make your flavoured butter..

100g soft salted butter

Flavours of your choice (herbs/spices/garlic/anchovies/peppercorns/horseradish)

Mix the butter and the flavourings until they are well combined.

Leave to stand for about 30 minutes.

Place the butter onto clingfilm or greaseproof paper, roll into a sausage shape and put in the freezer.

Remove the butter from the freezer just before serving.

Cut into disks and place on top of your meat/fish where it will melt and release all those delicious flavours.

Simple and delicious (and a lot less expensive than buying flavoured butters in the supermarket).

Have  good weekend 🙂

2014-02-08 19.14.36

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