A New Year Gift of a Corneal Ulcer

I woke up on New Years Eve with my right eye the size of a golf ball.  No reason.  I didn’t have a cold or the ‘flu.  I wasn’t feeling under the weather, in fact I had the most relaxing  Christmas ever, but there I was on New Years Eve looking like an extra from a B-rated horror movie.

Now you don’t mess around with your sight so within an hour of waking I was in my GP’s office.  With a diagnosis of an eye AND an eyelid infection, I left his office with a prescription and a letter for A&E accompanied by a warning that if the swelling was not gone down by the next morning, I must take myself off to A&E.

You never think that you are going to be that person sitting in the waiting room of the Eye and Ear’s emergency department on New Years Day, but guess what?  I was.  First in the queue and in considerable pain.  Even sunglasses on a horribly dull wet day couldn’t shield my eye from what  felt like glaring light.  The previous twenty four hours had seen no improvement – if anything I was worse.  I could have kissed the doctor who gave me local anaesthetic before examining my eye, but yes I know, that would have been entirely inappropriate!  But to be pain-free for a few moments was sheer bliss.

I was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer and given antibiotic drops that have been only miraculous.   That was just over twenty four hours ago – and look I’m writing again!  I’m making this a short post as I’m not completely better (and I probably shouldn’t be writing).

I visit the hospital again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get the all clear – and then it will be business as usual.  I’ve lots to share – new recipes, sowing seeds, saving money, reusing and recycling and my YouTube tutorials.

But there’s plenty of time – after all it’s only January 2nd 2014…

Happy New Year folks – I wish you good health and happiness throughout the year.

Fiona  xx

PS  Thanks to my family who not only rallied round and minded me so well, but provided me with an endless (and I really mean endless) supply of EYE jokes…….:)

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