Pride Of Ireland Awards – I’ve Won!!

Some weeks ago I got an email from a gentleman on behalf of the Pride of Ireland awards panel.  Committed to promoting the best of the best in Ireland, these awards acknowledge and reward those whom they (a secret panel of judges) think represent the Best of Ireland  – and to the best of my … Continue reading

Keeping Chickens – the basics

Have you been thinking about keeping chickens?  With January coming to a close, why not start planning now and be ready to start collecting fresh eggs from your garden later this Spring?  If you can spare ten minutes each morning and evening, and an hour at the weekend, that’s all that’s required timewise to get … Continue reading

Ham and Cheese in a Duck Egg Pancake

After you have cooked a piece of ham in your house what do you do with the leftovers?  Quiche?  Sandwiches?  If you have cooked your ham late in the week, this recipe makes a great weekend brunch.  As well as the leftover ham, I use whatever cheese is left over at the end of the … Continue reading

A Jarring Issue..

How us smallholders love our jars – big, small, tall or wide they have a myriad of uses.  There’s no doubt that they are the perfect option when it comes to storing the first delicious jams of the year, not to mention how we rely on them for all our pickles and chutneys. And what … Continue reading

I Am A Sausage Maker..

Yes indeed, I am officially a sausage maker.  Check these babies out…..! Thanks to the two pigs  that left Hunters Lodge before Christmas,  I now have lots of half pound bags of our own sausage meat (approx 75/25 meat/fat ratio) in the freezer.  With the meat having been reared here in the garden, I am … Continue reading

Saving Money – the old fashioned way

I came across this idea surfing the great big interweb recently.  Saving money in a jar – nothing new there I hear you say, but there’s a difference…. The amount of money I put in each week matches the week number that we are on in the year.  For example, I will start next week … Continue reading

A New Year Gift of a Corneal Ulcer

I woke up on New Years Eve with my right eye the size of a golf ball.  No reason.  I didn’t have a cold or the ‘flu.  I wasn’t feeling under the weather, in fact I had the most relaxing  Christmas ever, but there I was on New Years Eve looking like an extra from … Continue reading