Tea Light Holders

I love to collect jars. If I buy something in a nice jar, I keep the jar.  And I find plenty of uses for them  – homemade jams and chutneys, herb infused oils, sloe gin, raspberry vodka, sugar scrubs, homemade toffee – you get the picture.  Those recycled jars are little gems.  At this time of the year I find another use for them.

Tea light holder

They make great receptables for tea lights.  These are so simple to make, so release your inner child and get going….!


You will need

A sheet of newspaperHomemade tea light holders

PVA Glue and a brush

Salt (the cheapest ordinary table salt will do fine)

A selection of jars

A tea light to place in each jar

You need to….2013-11-26 19.28.11

Place the newspaper on a table to collect the salt

Brush the jar with a coat of PVA glue

Now sprinkle the salt all over the jar – go on, shake, shake, shake!!

Put the jars aside for the glue to dry (I leave them overnight).

Decorate as you like.  Decorations

Try not to touch the salt coating on the jar.  If you have children let them go wild with bows and ribbons – trust me, they’ll be works of art! (yes, I’m giggling!)

Tea Lights

Add a tea light and you’re done.  Now do I need to warn you to be careful lighting the tea light?  Be careful kids 🙂

I’m sure you could use sugar on the jars too, but I haven’t had the time to try it yet.  It’s on the list…..

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6 thoughts on “Tea Light Holders

  1. Can’t wait to try this with Angel! Maybe tomorrow…….will make a very pretty gift for the teacher, and for Grandma too! Thanks for sharing, Fiona! Terrific idea!

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