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The day after my book launch I decided to create a new website.  Yes, I know, not even a lie-in! Hunterslodgeliving had definitely gone very well for me since I created it in May 2010 (the words “book launch” being a good indicator), but I felt that it was time for a change – and … Continue reading

Coffee and Cherry Buns

We are big fans of coffee cake at Hunters Lodge.  Coffee and walnut, coffee and pecan, coffee and sultana (I like this one, but the other Dillons aren’t big fans) – cakes, traybakes, buns, add coffee and we love them. Coffee and glacé cherries is another favourite here and coupled with the fact that I … Continue reading

Pink Ladies and Pork Neck

I have to tell you that we are eating THE most magnificent pork this  weather.  It is definitely the best that we have ever  produced and the only thing we did differently in  our pig rearing routine this year was to dispatch  the pigs a little earlier.  This has definitely made a  huge difference – … Continue reading

Tea Light Holders

I love to collect jars. If I buy something in a nice jar, I keep the jar.  And I find plenty of uses for them  – homemade jams and chutneys, herb infused oils, sloe gin, raspberry vodka, sugar scrubs, homemade toffee – you get the picture.  Those recycled jars are little gems.  At this time … Continue reading

Pear and Almond Fairy Cakes

I got a call from a friend recently who told me that he had a box of small deliciously ripe pears and he wanted me to have them.  He was right – the pears were juicy and utterly delicious and I was delighted to receive them. So at Hunters Lodge we had pears in yoghurt … Continue reading

A Smoking Success…!

When I was working on the menu for my book launch recently with the Pembroke Hotel’s head chef, Grainne Somers, she mentioned that she had some prime venison hanging in her larder – “now if only I could smoke it” she said.  Well, no sooner had she the words out than I was on the … Continue reading


I regularly get emails in the autumn from people who are still new to poultry keeping and are really concerned about the fact that their chickens are losing all their feathers and appear totally miserable.  Chances are their chickens are moulting (one of the many topics covered at my Keeping Chickens class).  If you are … Continue reading