The Aftermath


Food From An Irish Garden by Fiona Dillon

My first book Food From An Irish Garden was launched recently.

While I was writing it I occasionally suffered the anguish I would imagine most writers experience.  What if everyone hated it?  Would I be outed as a fraud?  After all I’m not a horticulturist, or a chef or indeed a photographer.  My moments of concern were few and far between though as days were filled with writing, taking photographs and keeping house for my family. Certainly in the run up to the launch there wasn’t a second to consider how people might react to my book.

One week on from the launch, I have spent the week creating this new website, catching up on other writing assignments and preparing for the interviews on national radio and in national papers that kick off next week.  My publisher and publicist have been in constant touch this week to keep me updated as more and more interviews are lined up.  So it’s fair to say that I had completely forgotten that I was actually worried about what people might think of my book – and then the feedback started coming in.  Facebook comments, emails from mammies in the UK who have already started cooking the recipes, tweets with pictures of my soups simmering, texts, emails with people telling me what page they were reading. O.M.G.!

People are loving my book!

When I held the Food From An Irish Garden in my hands for the first time, the children looked at me and asked me if I was going to cry.  It took me a few minutes to explain how I was feeling and it was this…

I was holding the book in my hand that I would LOVED to have had when I set out on my self-sufficient journey some years ago.  Does that make sense?

I cannot describe how good it feels to know that my book is encouraging people to get into the kitchen and out into the garden to start cooking and growing their own food.  It’s only one week on and I hope that Food From An Irish Garden continues to inspire for a long time to come..

Now please bear with me while I build this site and post all my favourite and most popular blog posts from HuntersLodgeLiving.  If there are any specific topics that you would like to read more about (chickens, making butter, homemade jams, keeping pigs, beekeeping, body scrubs etc), just let me know.


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